Custom Optics

A Brief Look At Custom Optics

Specialty lenses are needed in many industries and new uses are developed every day. From dentistry to action films, special lenses impact how we use technology. Technology is also advancing how custom lenses are made, so this creates a synergistic effect.


A lens is a transmission device, usually made of glass or plastic, that can either focus or disperse a beam of light by refraction. Refraction takes in the light on one side and changes the way it seen on the other side. The desired effect is accomplished by using combinations of concave or convex shapes and can be simple or complex.


Did you know lenses can be used in radar systems? Manufacturers create lenses for many uses, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be cylindrical, spherical, flat, round, square - just about any shape. Special additives, colors, and enhancers can be added as well. Eye glasses or contacts, cameras, projectors, binoculars, telescopes and microscopes are examples of typical lens uses. Polarized sunglasses, 3-D glasses, and specialty camera filters are examples of customization.


When a custom product is needed, a manufacturer can take exact specifications and tailor the product. This can include all the parts of the lens, not just the glass. Combining metal, plastic, adhesives and other required parts are all a part of building a unique product. Many industries need highly developed and complex lenses, which are formed by combining optics with mechanical and electronics to achieve the desired results.


You will want to choose a company that has an ISO:9001 certification. This ensures that standards and regulations are followed. Precision is also a key factor, so look for a company using high-tech tools and can guarantee their work.

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