Custom Optics

Obtain Precision Engineered Optical Lenses Through a Professional Lens Manufacturer

Every time a product, piece of equipment or electrical device is created or redesigned, new components need to be made in order to assemble the new item. In some cases, the new parts could include a custom designed lens. The best way to ensure a lens is going to perform the way it is intended to perform is to have it created by a professional custom optics/optical lens manufacturer. If the lens needs to be placed inside a specially designed aperture, a professional optical lens manufacturer could be able to do that type of assembly as well.

The Process of Optical Design

Creating any type of optical lens requires precision engineering. This is why a company such as Shanghai Optics uses state-of-the-art technology in their process of lens manufacturing. Utilizing the latest in computer technology also allows for greater flexibility in the type of lenses being manufactured. A professional company could create lenses for use with imaging and illumination for fields that involve research or industrial lenses for high volume applications. Each custom lens prototype begins with a mechanical design, which is followed with processing and parts mapping. The final step in the creation of any optical lens is assembly and testing.

Professional Services

When looking for a professional Custom optics/optical lens manufacturer, there could be some key aspects to consider. An established business would be more likely to focus their production on superior quality and customer satisfaction. A lens manufacturer offering services for reverse engineering and precision assembly could also be highly desirable. In most cases, an established lens manufacturing company would have an online site where people could read information about their processes. It could also be beneficial to use a company that stays on top of the current trends in technology to make sure the products being produced are optimized for peak performance.