Custom Optics

What are Microscope Objectives


Microscope is a device built up in some years ago. It was discovered by the father of microscope. Microscope is the magnifier of the image of small objects. It is basically used to view small small living organisms that cannot be seen with our naked eyes. It is normally found in the laboratory for research. Some schools has make a purchase of the microscope and has placed it in their laboratories to teach students how it works and how j to use them in their practical’s reason why it is able to view small small objects and living organisms that cannot be seen with our naked eyes is due to its high magnifying power.

We have types of microscope such as the optical microscope, the electron microscope and may more. Due to features of the microscope and it’s high magnifying power it is very expensive to buy or afford. The microscope has many parts such as the condenser,the diaphragm, mirror and some other parts.

The objective is the most difficult part to use or operate . The compound microscope is the only microscope that tends to have multiple lens.


Using the microscope is a little bit complex and difficult and also needs to be well handled because a little mistake can cause the malfunction of the microscope hence precautions must be taken very well.

After the use of the Microscope Objectives, be well cleaned and kept at a safe place.

The microscope objective must be held with the bare hands.

The microscope should be placed a well flattened surface.

These are some of the precaution and safety measures that can be noticed when using the microscope or after the use of the microscope. It should be handled carefully since it is very expensive to buy and afford.