Custom Optics

Who Makes the Best Custom Optics at the Moment?

Ordering custom optics from any lens company nowadays can be a huge frustration. Prices have gone up, customer service has fallen and the lenses you eventually end up with are not always the high quality you need.

Look outside the U.S. for your next custom optics order, however, and you could just find exactly what you need.

Which countries are selling the best custom optics? -- While you could possibly find the
custom optics you need from an American or EU company, it is far more difficult to do. Look at Chinese companies like Shanghai Optics, however, and you will get the high tech, high quality lenses you need at the lowest price you have paid in years.

What can you expect with a Chinese company?
-- Chinese companies offering custom optics can usually manufacture them for you at the lowest price you can find, and can do so while making you high quality lenses made under the same strict guidelines as any EU or American company.

The best also have very good customer service, English speaking managers, and will often spend more time with you on an order than a comparable British or American lens company.

Shipping also tends to be fast and, considering it is coming from China, not much more expensive than most American or EU companies charge.

Finding the right custom optics company in China
-- There are several large Chinese lens companies that have been in business for decades, including Shanghai Optics.

Read their websites carefully, send them an email asking for a free quote, and look at online reviews written by people who have bought their custom optics through them. Choose the one that seems to have the best prices, the best customer service and, of course, the most exceptional reviews.